Sunday, August 29, 2010

Digital Story Telling

I have been interested in digital story telling for many reasons but the most important reason is because I believe it connects with students and increase their learning. Confucius had this to say way before the digital age:
I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
What better way to hear, see, and do than digital story telling?
Wikipedia - Digital Story Telling under Uses in Primary and Secondary Education: "Teachers can incorporate digital storytelling into their instruction for several reasons. Two reasons include 1) to incorporate multimedia into their curriculum and 2) Teachers can also introduce storytelling in combination with social networking in order to increase global participation, collaboration, and communication skills. Moreover, digital storytelling is a way to incorporate and teach the twenty-first century student the twenty-first century technology skills such as information literacy, visual literacy, global awareness, communication and technology literacy."

A recent tweet by @langwitches, Silvia Tolisano a teacher of teachers in my eyes, told about digital storytelling at Kauai Pacific School. My interest in the activity was rekindled after seeing what early school age children were doing with digital story telling. What an exciting tool to use with students as they begin to read and write. I challenge you to watch this video from and not see the immense value of digital story telling for children of any age.
Find more videos like this on Schools of the Future

For more information on digital story telling Silvia Tolisano slide show “Digital Story Telling – Tools for Educators on . She made this presentation at the Teacher2Teacher Conference in 2010. Silvia’s web site is .

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