Friday, April 15, 2011

10 Pictures of Longs Creek Elemenatry School

I followed the five easy steps suggested by Cale Birk, principal of South Kamloops Secondary School BC Canada, as he called for educators to post 10 pictures of our school. This sharing will give us an idea of what learning environments look like. Here are my pictures of Longs Creek Elementary, a K-5 school, in San Antonio, Texas.

The front view of the Longs Creek

The view as you enter the school The commons area
The first grade hallway

A Flat Stanley project bulletin board

4th Grade "Got Milk" writing project

3rd grade brochure project

The Library

2nd grade Leaping Into Books project board

2nd grade work displayed

I found it difficult to limit my picture selection to ten pictures. In keeping with the request, I reluctantly followed the directions. As visitors come and go at our school, the most often heard comment is, “This feels like a happy school”. I cherish that observation. Schools should be happy places. It should be a vibrant place where students are living, loving, and learning. Remember children are little people. They deserve the same respect and attention that is given to adults. Thanks for viewing the Longs Creek picture tour.

How do you feel after the tour? Will you be next to share a 10 picture tour of your school?