Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reform Symposuim January 8, 2011

I attended the July Reform Symposium 2010 and could not have been more pleased with the weeklong presentations. I expect the same from the one-day conference on Saturday January 8, 2011. Mark you calendars and don’t miss this educational experience. The following outstanding educators have planned this free conference just for you: Shelly Terrell, Chris Rogers, Kelly Tenkely, Greta Sandler, Lisa Dabbs, and Melissa Tran.

This worldwide education conference will take place on January 8 (and 9th depending on your location), 2011. The conference is free to attend from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have Internet access! The Reform Symposium offers the opportunity to connect and learn with educators and professionals in the field of education worldwide. Over 2,400 educators from 59 countries attended our last conference in July! This year the conference will focus on interactive presentations that help teachers with creating engaging classrooms and lessons, building relationships with students, improving literacy, working with interactive whiteboards, and much more! We look forward to 2 keynote speakers, 18 presentations, an open discussion on classroom management, a panel discussion on parental engagement, a mentor program, and an open lab for hands-on support in helping you continue your professional development in online educator communities. You have never attended a conference quite like this one! Join us by registering below for the conference and start connecting and participating now! View the linked video for help.

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Check out these videos for a sampling of the presentations:

Joan Young

Pernille Ripp

Kyle Pace

Let’s get ready for a fabulous day of learning and sharing. I’ll see you on Elluminate Saturday January 8, 2011. Share this exciting news with those in your PLN.