Sunday, August 22, 2010

Digital Natives Restless

The following is a note I wrote to Kathleen McGeady, a primary school teacher from Geelong Australia, after reading the Digital Native story in The Age, an Australian newspaper.

Kathleen, not only are the digital natives restless, I believe the entire educational community is restless. Digital classrooms are essential for our students to receive the quality education necessary for them to be productive citizen when they become adults. There appears to be a ground swell movement going on with this issue. While governments and individual states are moving toward digital classrooms, the most effective advancements are coming from individual classroom teachers like yourself and your teaching buddy, Kelly Jordan. Other issues, I feel are equally important for our students to be productive citizens as adult are global awareness and civic/humanitarian responsibility for one another. From following your blogs and classroom activities the last few month, I have the feeling you would agree. A couple of activities/programs that have touched our elementary/primary students are Pennies for Peace and Read to Feed. Pennies for Peace is a program started by Greg Mortenson author of Three Cups of Tea. .

Read to Feed is sponsored by Heifer International, a long established global humanitarian effort.

Just sharing these two ideas with you and Kelly and offering the highest of praise to you two. As teachers, you are not only touching the lives of children but also modeling for educators throughout the world. Kathleen and Kelley, I wish you all the best as you finish out term III.

Read the Digital Natives are Restless story for yourself:

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