Tuesday, June 9, 2015

WISE - Women Inspiring Supporting Empowering: Welcome to WISE

My wonderful, inspirational, and caring wife has started a new blog to support her group of women called WISE. Please stop by and check out her new blog.

WISE - Women Inspiring Supporting Empowering: Welcome to WISEThank you for taking the time to stop by and visit our brand spanking new blog.  Hold on tight, we are still working out the kinks in this adventure.  WISE ( Women, Inspiring, Supporting and Empowering)  was  started as a secret Facebook group with the belief that women are powerful, creative beings.  

      We also believe:
  •  when a diverse group of  women join together in a sincere effort to support each other, great things happen
  • every woman has a unique and special story and gifts to share
  • it is important to come together with our imperfections and strengths to create a better self and world.
This has been an amazing journey. My dear friend, Konyi Hansen, and I began brainstorming in the fall of 2014 about ways to bring powerful and supportive women together.