Sunday, April 29, 2012

Your Voice On High-Stakes Testing Is Needed

You can make a difference in changing high-stakes testing. Read the National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing and click on the individual button to sign.

Additional articles to support the resolution:

“I think if you talk to any parent, educator, student and now you have fiscal administrators speaking out all across the state, saying that we’ve gone way too far. We’re spending 45 days out of the school year preparing for benchmarks, drilling, and the whole thing, for the test,” resident Mike Corwin said during citizen’s communication. “I think there is a broad consensus that has come together to say we’ve overstepped on this issue.”

The authors conclude that there is no convincing evidence that the pressure
associated with high-stakes testing leads to any important benefits for students’
achievement.  They call for a moratorium on policies that force the public education
system to rely on high-stakes testing. 

In earlier posts, I have advocated banning high-stakes testing as a means of making significant decisions about student performance (achievement in a course, passing a course—end-of-year-tests, being promoted, and graduating from high school).  I suggested this because the research evidence does not support continuing the practice in American schools.

Do you have a comment on this testing mania our students are enduring?

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