Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Fun and Technology

Kevin Jarrett is a dynamo technology teacher in Northfield, NJ. He loves kids and technology. This is a perfect combo for connecting with his students. Knowing that learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door or when summer vacation comes along, Kevin is busy creating a fabulous site for kids to use during the summer. Here is the title of his recent post: Summer’s here. You’ve got plans. Amplify the fun with technology! He is creating a place to share FREE technology tools so that kids and their families can use the technology they have to create wonderful digital memories of the Summer of 2011. What an awesome idea. Don’t you just love teachers with passion!
Check out the summer tech fun at: and then share it with your family. The first post is coming soon and he guarantees it to be a hit!
Photo Flickr - Creative Commons


  1. Thanks so much Rich for sharing this new site! Seems really good! Totally agree with what you said, loving kids and technology is a perfect combination to help us build better connections with our student! Thanks again!

  2. Gret, Thanks for the tweet on this post. I promise, Kevin Garrett will have a great tech site for kids. Kids will be having fun and learning outside the classroom. This will be a win for the kids and a win for next year's teacher.