Sunday, February 20, 2011

ISTE11 Newbie Project

Beth Still, a passionate educator, from Scottsbluff Nebraska started the ISTE Newbie Project in 2009. She started the project to show the value and power of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). Each year for the Newbie project, Beth finds someone that has not attended an ISTE conference and organizes a fund-raising campaign to raise money to help that person attend the conference. Look at the first two selections she made: Richard Byrne and Jason Schrage. You can see she has a great eye for educators that are making a difference with kids! Richard and Jason are both social studies teachers. They are making a difference not only with kids, but they are also making significant contributions to educators’ worldwide.

This year Beth has chosen George Couros, a principal from Stony Plain, Alberta Canada. Here is what she has to say about this year’s selection:
I had a feeling I would face some tough questions about why I selected an administrator to be the Newbie for 2011 and my personal learning network did not let me down. Over the past 5 months quite a few people have asked me to defend my choice. Since this project would not be possible without your financial support I am more than happy to explain my reasoning. I cannot emphasize enough that I really believe in George and his ability to have a positive impact on education. He is a role model for both teachers and administrators. He is passionate about sharing, learning, teaching, and communicating and I believe he deserves the opportunity to attend ISTE. If you believe in either this project or in George Couros please click here to make a donation to help send him to Philadelphia this summer.
The magic equations to make this year’s Newbie project successful:

A Small Donation From All = The Project Goal

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  1. Thank you so much Rich for your support. This project is all about coming together as a community to accomplish a goal. It is a lesson in how we, as educators, can organize ourselves to do something amazing. If 250 more people each donate $5 we would meet the goal. For the cost of one fancy coffee we can do something awesome for someone who in return, will do awesome things for his network while in Philadelphia this summer. (Not to mention all of the awesome things George does each day anyway!)

  2. This newbie project is fantastic. You are right on; the power of collaboration is on display for all educators to see and feel. Richard and Jason were wonderful but watch out for George Couros. He is setting a new standard for future newbies. George ia all about making connections and building relationship to maximize learning for kids! Super Selection this year Beth!