Sunday, October 10, 2010

A 21st Century Education documentary film from the New Learning Institute sharing educational innovators. Empowering Young Learners is Stephen Heppell describing his vision for schools and learning as he travels around London. Other documentaries in this series feature Alan November, Elliot Solaway and Cathie Norris, and Yong Zhao. They are all looking to change our views on the model we presently have of schools. You can feel their passion for students and education and hopefully you will be inspired to make changes in the way you deliver lessons to your students.

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  1. Hi Rich,

    I'm enjoying going through your blog. It's great to see your passion for education.

    This is a beautiful video, esp liked the thought "learning will survive, it might just be the death of education, but that will be okay." I am curious about what it will be like if education collapses.