Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Relationships & Technology

I want to share from a blog I follow “Realizing Your Personal Legend” written by Mike Mansour. The title of his article was “Tribute to a Non-tech Principal”. Mike has served with his principal, Mr. Connelly, for six years. He has a great deal of respect and admiration for his principal even though he is not up to speed with his tech skills.
Technology his changing many aspects of our society from the way children access information to the way teachers need to plan for lessons that will be engaging to their students. I would say Mike and I are both techies but we agree on something that is more important that technology. Mike has expressed it this way, “Mr. Connelly was a great principal because of the relationships he built with our families and the atmosphere of excellence he fostered among the staff.” RELATIONSHIPS
The teachers where I serve continue to hear these words from me each August as we begin another school year. “The most important thing to accomplish with your students the first few weeks of school is to make connections and build relationships.” They know I believe that more significant learning will take place with each child with whom they have a personal relationship.
As educators, let’s be more accepting of our peers. Many teachers that are struggling with learning technology have mastered the relationship piece. I challenge you to embrace them, hold their hand, and show them respect and patience as you model technology for them.
Here is a link to Mike Monsur’s complete article: http://bit.ly/bTLI7t

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