Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sir Ken In Nanaimo

Sharing a small part of an article from Chris Wejr's blog, The Wejr Board. This blog is titled "Summary: Sir Ken Robinson in Nanaimo". Chris is a principal at Kent Elementary School in Agassiz, B.C. Canada. You know how I love Sir Ken's comments on education!
“We often punish people by taking away the things they enjoy doing.”
“Human life is not linear but our education systems are; human life is inherently creative.”
“We are in a state of cultural evolution.”
Flowers came to life in Death Valley following the extremely rare rainfall in 2005.
“Analogy of gardening: Gardeners do not grow plants – plants grow themselves. Gardeners provide the optimal environment for plants to flourish (sunlight/shade, water, heat, etc). One environment can cause one type of plant to flourish while another to die or become dormant. In Death Valley in 2005, it rained 7 inches. In an environment that was supposedly ‘dead’ of plant life, under the right conditions, a beautiful layer of flowers formed. Under the right environment, people flourish.”
“Education must be personalized, not standardized.”

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